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3 Tips For Making An Amazing First Impression

I’ve never been the outgoing, popular type especially in high school. I’ve always been shy, introverted and just had a handful of friends that I kept close. I never really spoke to others unless it was absolutely necessary and mainly kept to myself. I spent my high school years hanging out in the background, but then college came around. I’ll admit that my introvertedness followed me there too because it was a brand new school and a completely different atmosphere. I didn’t know anyone and I was nervous about this new change in my life.

But I realized something that totally changed my mind about college: it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to be that same shy person. Think about it — nobody knows you! It’s a fresh start. Your new classmates don’t know if you were popular or not or how many friends you had. They don’t know anything about you. College is a clean slate and your chance to start all over again! Remembering this has helped me so much throughout my college years and has taught me not to care what others think. Just be yourself.

One thing that I truly learned is that the one thing you cannot change or undo is your first impression. The very first impression you make on someone is often a lasting one. With back to school season in the air, it’s essential that you’re aware of how others can perceive you and what kind of impression you leave on them. So when you’re starting at a new school, have a job interview, or just meeting new people in general you need make sure you leave an amazing first impression.

So how exactly can you control the type of impression you leave on people?

1. Dress nicely


Make sure you’re dressed decently and put effort into your appearance. Choose wisely when it comes to your outfit. People judge you by your appearance first. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the truth. It’s the only way they can form thoughts on you before speaking to them. What you’re wearing can easily make a statement. Dress cute, but make sure your clothes are clean and not worn out or frayed.

You don’t want to show up in sweatpants, a t-shirt and a messy bun — especially if it’s the first day of the semester. You will be meeting new classmates and your professor. So make sure what you’re wearing is saying the kind of statement you want it to. You never know if you’ll need a recommendation letter from that professor later on down the line and you ended up leaving a poor impression.

2. Wear natural makeup

I know the makeup artist in you wants to go full on glam no matter where you go. You do you, but sometimes there’s a time and place for everything! Try not to go to over the top especially if you’re headed to school or an interview. But most importantly, wear makeup that makes you feel good. When you look good, you feel good!

Feeling great in your own skin starts with clean, clear, beautiful skin. My favorite way to start the semester is with a nice light makeup look. I love using Neutrogena® and their SkinClearing® line from CVS to help me achieve that (you can check out the full line at CVS here.)

I struggle with acne so the Neutrogena SkinClearing makeup is such a lifesaver because covers up and helps prevent breakouts while you wear it.

Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Liquid Makeup

  • I start off with the first step: foundation! I love this foundation because its specifically formulated for acne-prone skin because it uses Micro-Clear technology that not only treats blemishes, but also helps prevent emerging acne breakouts! Plus it’s not too heavy and doesn’t clog your pores.

3 Tips For Making An Amazing First Impression

Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Blemish Concealer

  • Next step is to add concealer to cover up blemishes and bright up your undereyes. It’s double-duty, eliminates and prevents pimple and is oil-free so it won’t clog pores.

Neutrogena® SkinClearing® Mineral Powder

  • This mineral powder is awesome! It has a two-sided applicator that provides a fresh, shine-free look. It contains minerals plus Micro-Clear technology with salicylic acid acne treatment. It’s super gentle and absorbs oils for the perfect amount of shine control.

3 Tips For Making An Amazing First Impression

How to finish off the look:

Neutrogena® Nourishing Eyeliner or Liquid Eyeliner

Whether you’re a retractable liner gal or a liquid liner gal, you can finish off the look by defining your eyes with eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I love using liquid eyeliner to create a cute, minimal cat eye look with some simple natural eyeshadow. I also love to use blush and bronzer for the natural look.

I’m a huuuuge fan of highlight. Psh, who can resist that gorgeous glow? But when I create a light makeup look I prefer to hold off on the highlight or use very little of it.

3 Tips For Making An Amazing First Impression

Neutrogena® Moisturesmooth Colorstick

Annnnd, the finishing touch is sealing the deal by adding a beautiful lip color! I picked up the shade Berry Brown. It’s super moisturizing and has amazing staying power!

3 Tips For Making An Amazing First Impression

3. Be kind and confident


Last but not least, be kind and confident. You don’t know who you will meet in college that can be a useful connection in the future. So be kind to everyone you meet and definitely network with others. Be genuine and show off your confidence. Think before you speak so that you’re perceived as intelligent and thoughtful.

Confidence is huge when it comes to making a first impression. Keep a positive attitude and get out of your comfort zone. Introduce yourself to others and give a friendly hello to those around you. A simple “hello” can go a long way! When you say hello to others, you never know what can happen. They might end up having the same major as you or share some common interests with you. You might even end up as BFFs or study buddies for the class.

Take a risk and put yourself out there, but the most important thing when working on your first impression is to be true to yourself. You can follow all these tips, but if it’s not you or your don’t put your personal touch on things — it will definitely show. Don’t look like a fraud and create this entire personality that isn’t you.

Follow your heart and do what feels right! Just don’t overthink it and the rest will come naturally.

3 Tips For Making An Amazing First Impression

How do you make sure you leave an amazing first impression?

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