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September 2017 Income and Traffic Report

It’s that time of the month again! I know I am super late with this report, but that’s okay! This is my second income report for my blog and I’ve only been making money from my blog for the past few months. I decided to put together these income reports to measure my progress and to inspire other small bloggers that they too can make an income online from blogging.  When I first started, I had no clue you could make money this way. I was completely unaware that full-time blogging was even a thing and that’s why I want to shed light on the subject.

I’m obsessed with reading blog income reports because so inspiring and I probably wouldn’t have really started my blog if I hadn’t read them. I learned that there’s this whole other world on the internet where you can earn money own your own terms. You can be financially independent and even location independent!  Seriously my DREAM.

My favorite reports are from ItsCarmen, Believe In A Budget, and the famous Making Sense of Cents. The ones I read always have huge numbers and tons of income.

I’d love to reach that someday (even half is good with me!) but I hardly ever seen income or traffic reports for tiny blogs like mine. Sometimes I see blogs that make small amounts of money. The catch? They are always “in my first month of blogging” or “in my first week blogging.”

I’m sure you can make that much in your first month blogging but I am pretty sure that is not the norm. I know how much time and dedication it takes to reach even your first dollar from blogging. I never expected anything like that to happen to me anyway and I never expected it to happen overnight. I’ve always read these reports and thought to myself, “how?!” but they still inspired me to push forward and keep doing what I love even though some reports did sound a little unrealistic at times.

My goal is make a significant income from my blog someday that could maybe even replace the salary of my day job. In these reports that I put together, I am being REAL. You’ll see my mistakes and downfalls. You’ll see where I can make improvements. And you’ll see if I don’t achieve my goals. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay.

I’m still learning something new every single day. That’s the beauty of it. So I decided to include both income and blog traffic in these reports to help monitor my growth over time. It helps me see what works and what isn’t working so I know what to tweak for the next month.

Now… With further ado, let’s dive into the numbers:


September 2017 Income and Traffic Report

August has been my best month so far in terms of traffic. In September, my traffic took a dip and was more in line with what I was seeing In July. I was not very active in September because I took a two week break from blogging. I did not post anything on my blog since September 14th and just got back into the groove of things for October. This dip in traffic was completely expected so I’m not surprised. It’s important to take breaks where you see fit, especially if you’re feeling burnt out or uninspired.

My biggest referrer is still Pinterest. 38% of my traffic came from there in September with Google in second place. This was a pleasant surprise! I never expected to ever receive that much organic traffic before to my small blog. I had a spike of traffic in the beginning of the month. The rest of September was pretty steady with another spike at the end of the month.

Normally at this point, I would talk about how many email subscribers Simply Amanda gained. However in September, I decided to begin the process of a rebrand for my blog (you can read more on that HERE.) Because of the rebrand, I made the decision to remove all cold subscribers from my email list. This means I removed anyone who signed up who has never opened any of my emails. ever.

So my email list is much smaller but I’m definitely okay with that. Hoping to see more growth in October now with my new content rolling out in line with my rebrand.

The most popular posts this month:

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August 2017 Income and Traffic Report

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Three of these posts were also the most popular in August so they are definitely coming out strong! Hoping to see more traffic from these posts for the months ahead.



Social Native: $70

Want to know more about how to earn money by posting on Instagram? Check out my post all about How I Made My First $200 On Instagram

Collective Bias Sponsored Posts: $220

Google AdSense: $0 (Google Adsense has a $100 threshold you have to reach before you’re paid out. I did inch more towards the $100 but will count this income when it is actually paid.)

Total: $290


Giveaway: $20

Siteground: $0 (this is prepaid annually)

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Total: $20

Net Profit: $270


October Goals

So I made a profit of $270 in September. Again, that might be chump change for some bloggers, but this is awesome for me because it’s an increase from what I earned after expenses in both July ($60) and August ($181.) I earned this after having my blog up for 8 months so it did take me a while to see any type of income, I’m not gonna lie.

I’m seeing super slow growth but it’s not all for nothing! There’s been steady improvement in both my earnings and my traffic. My goal for September is to work on diversifying my income a little bit more with affiliate income. Haven’t had much luck with this so I will be focusing on learning how to use affiliate links more effectively. I could have earned more in September but taking a break from my blog decreased my income because I wasn’t actively working on any projects whatsoever.

But hey, I did managed to increase my monthly views on Pinterest just like I planned to this month! I just signed up for an account with BoardBooster and have been using it a lot. Something I had lined up for October was that I was planning on writing about my experience with BoardBooster this month so we’ll see how that goes!

If you’re already on BoardBooster, I recommending reading my latest post about their new tribes: Everything You Need To Know About The New BoardBooster Tribes

I don’t think October is going to be any different from September because I’ve been working on getting everything up and running for the rebrand, but hopefully we will see some type of improvement.

The goals I want to reach in October are increasing Pinterest followers and monthly views, post at least 8 blog posts, and get back to posting every other day on Instagram. I also want to try being more authentic and connecting with my followers on Twitter and bringing in more income to my blog! I don’t have a set amount I want to bring in just yet, just hoping to top what I made in September.

I’m definitely glad I started my blog because it’s been an amazing way to express myself and improve my writing skills. I can’t wait to see where my blog goes in the future!

What are your blogging goals for October?

September 2017 Income and Traffic Report