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Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?

Word on the street is that Pinterest just launched a new feature called Pinterest Communities!

So I know I’ve said “Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, it’s a search engine” a million times before — but this new feature they’ve just quietly rolled out is shaking things up.

And so Pinterest Communities just might bring that social aspect to Pinterest!

What are Pinterest Communities?

The new Pinterest Communities are somewhat like Facebook groups or Pinterest group boards all in one.

They’re an awesome new way for pinner to be able to communicate with each other.

I’m super excited myself to start using communities because I honestly love connecting with other people online.

Why are they important?

And while yes, it’s so exciting to be able to finally communicate with other pinners — think of it this way: you now have a whole new way to get yourself in front of the eyes of your target marketing and tons of potential customers and clients.

It’s a major win for Pinterest marketing!

Now you’ll be able to join communities where you know the interests of the people in the group, which can work to your benefit as a great marketing strategy.

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How can you join one?

In order to even seen the new feature on the Pinterest app, you need to join at least one community first.

I’ve already created my own community called Bloggers Club, so if you want to join and get access to Communities you can do so using this link.

Click here to join Bloggers Club!

When you click the link, it should take you over to the community where you can request to join.

If it takes you straight to the homepage, make sure you’re attempting to join on the Pinterest app.

Once you’ve requested to join, it may take a bit of time for the new Pinterest Communities tab which is a heart to show up in your app.

I was able to have mine show up pretty quickly by closing and reopening the app.

After you get access to the feature, then you’ll be able to see it on both the mobile app and desktop and then you’ll be able to start searching for Pinterest Communities.

You can join my Pinterest community below:

Bloggers Club

Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?
Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?

How can you create your own?

After joining Pinterest Communities, now you have access to browse new communities and even create your own.

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity you do not want to pass up.

Pinterest Communities can be created with one name and once that name is used, it is no longer available.

So think about it, if you act quickly you could be in charge of an entire community under one specific topic which can get you in front of a ton of people & pinners alike.

When thinking of a name, choose something in your niche that people are searching for so that it can be found within Pinterest Communities.

And after you’ve created you’re own, share it!

Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?

This is how the Pinterest Communities screen will look to you once you have the feature enabled.

You will have the heart added to your menu for Communities. And you will have the + sign in the upper right-hand corner of your screen which is where you will be able to click on and create your own community.

So the verdict?

Pinterest Communities can easily be the next trend on Pinterest and can be the gateway for Pinterest to implement more social aspects to the platform.

Pinterest is all about collaboration and this will facilitate communication and collaboration even more and might even have Pinterest shying away from group boards.

Group boards were originally intended for collaborating. Then, people starting using them to get their content in front of larger audiences and increasing their traffic which changed Pinterest group boards’ intended purpose.

I am SO EXCITED to start using Pinterest Communities and see what they’re all about!

Have you seen the new Pinterest Communities feature yet? What do you think?


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Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?
Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?
Pinterest Communities: What Are They & Why Should You Care?