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The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

Morella is a beautiful, medieval village hidden in the mountains of Castellón, Spain. And it is an absolute treasure.

I’ve been living in Spain for about a month and a half now and I recently had the pleasure of visiting Morella a couple of weeks ago. This historical town was seriously breathtaking! Morella sits in the mountains of the region of Valencia. It’s about 40 miles away from Castellón de la Plana and can be reached by car or bus. My boyfriend and I are itching to see as many new places as we can while we’re here in Spain, so naturally, we hopped on the bus and decided to see what this little mountain village was all about. (Read all about my big move to Spain here!)

It took us about 2 hours to get there by bus and the views from the winding roads were stunning along the way. The town is enclosed by ancient walls and has a quiet, relaxing feel to it. We spent just a day here, but we got to see everything this little spot has to offer. It’s such a gem and an amazing getaway!

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

Places To Stay

Morella is a teeny, tiny spot and a bit hard to get to. If you don’t have a car, you can travel there by bus but they are few and far in between on the weekends so I recommend staying in a larger city and commuting there during the week. A great spot to stay is right where I currently call home — Castellón de la Plana, Spain. It’s got a train station where you can catch a bus that takes you to Morella, plus you can travel around to other nearby cities while you’re in Spain.

That being said, I also recommend staying in Castellón de la Plana because of its convenient location. You could stay in Morella if you want to immerse yourself in the culture there, but it’s a quiet little town that might be difficult to get out of because it does not have a train station. The good news is that once you get into Morella, it is SO easy to travel through it and find all the best spots.

Castellón’s got a few lovely spots to stay in that are hotels:

Hotel Intur — ($$)
Euro Hotel — ($$)
Doña Lola Hotel — ($$)

Morella has a few of its own hotels as well if you want to stay directly in the mountains!

But my absolute favorite way to travel is by staying in an Airbnb! Ah, Airbnb’s are just so cozy and you meet some of the best people by staying in them. We’ve stayed in a few here in Spain and the hosts are amazing locals who are so sweet and helpful. I highly recommend staying in an Airbnb to get the full experience of traveling abroad!

They’re inexpensive, safe, and fun. You can discover the cutest little finds not just here in Spain, but all over the world. Use my referral link to snag $40 off your first trip!

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

Sights To See

Okay, let me just say that Morella is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is enclosed by old walls and right on the very top sits an old castle. It’s honestly so cool to see and you have the view of all the mountains in Spain.

There are no mountains in Miami so this was definitely a sight that left a lasting impression on me. Traveling through the truffle countryside has been one of my best memories of my big move so far. There are tons of things to do and see in Morella. And believe it or not, you can see them all in one day — and yup, that’s exactly what we did!

Let’s dive into some awesome must-see places in Morella. Yeah, you guessed it… we’re starting off with my favorite: the castle!

Castillo de Morella

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

When we first entered through the walls of Morella, we headed straight for the Tourist Office which is conveniently placed right at the entrance of the town. We were able to grab some passes to hit up all the museums including the castle. And it only cost €6 a pop. What a steal!

So the castle was my fav spot, but it actually wasn’t our first stop. We made our way over to it over time because let’s face it: the castle is at the very top and it took a ton of climbing to get there. So warning: visiting this castle will not be feasible for people with mobility issues. It was tiring and increasingly difficult the higher we got up.

But don’t let that discourage you! Take your time because once you get up there, the sight will be all worth it. It is so cool to see and an amazing spot for pictures if you’re into photography like me. You’ll basically be able to see the entire town and the mountains from up there. You’ll see historical cannons and little hidden areas that you can walk into. You can visit a museum inside the castle!

There’s even a spot for an ancient prison holding cell– which I didn’t go into because you couldn’t pay me enough to walk into an old prison in a historical castle.

Why? Because ghosts.

Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful castle and something you will definitely want have to see.

Iglesia Arciprestal Santa María la Mayor

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

Next is a beautiful church that dates back to the 1200’s! The interior is seriously breathtaking. This church is one of the prettiest Gothic-style churches in the Valencian region. If you’re a huge art fan and can appreciate the beauty of this place, then you must come see it.

The architecture both inside and out is truly remarkable.

Morella Museo Temps de Dinosaures


I love learning about dinosaurs. I think it’s so cool that once upon a time these huge animals roamed the earth. Morella has a cool little museum all about the dinosaurs that lived in the area and around the world too. You can go inside and look at fossils and old dinosaur bones.

The museum is a bit smaller than I thought it would be, but it was still pretty awesome to look at! They have huge dinosaur models inside. You can even purchase gold coins in the museum specifically with images of Morella on them. I got two!

Convent de Sant Francesc

Last but not least is the Convent of Sant Francesc. If you try to get to the top of the castle of Morella, you will actually go through this convent first. The architecture here is so beautiful as well. There is an outdoor area with old columns and art on the walls. Then there is a church that you can go inside in that has old monuments inside that look to be like ancient headstones and grave markers. I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to look at this spot before heading up to the castle. It’s such a nice place and you can tell it’s full of history.

Some areas in the convent and the castle are currently under construction, but the parts that are open to the public are worth seeing!

The Food in Truffle Country

Now let’s get down to business: let’s talk food. So I mentioned earlier that Morella is truffle country so you bet we had to get a taste. The food here is phenomenal and so different from the rest of Spain. You can tell it is really fresh and all the food spots are mom and pop shops.

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

First stop: La Quesería Pastor de Morella

So our first stop was to taste the cheese here in Morella. And let me tell you, it’s awesome! We went to a place called La Quesería Pastor de Morella — which was right at the entrance of the town — and we tasted several different kinds of cheese.

The woman in the shop was so kind. She let us know all about the different cheeses and even told us that she makes all the cheese herself in this shop. We tasted goat milk cheese and sheep milk cheese and then she told us about how they use truffles in some of the cheeses there.

We actually got to try some cheese with truffles which she explained to us that they use dogs to sniff out the truffles to use in the cheese. Pretty dang cool, right?

Second stop: Casa Gorreta Panadería

We stopped in this little bakery to take authentic Morella treats. We ended up having pastries that were cream-filled and covered with chocolate on the top. They were absolutely delicious and you definitely need to go to this panadería should you ever find yourself in Morella!

One thing we did learn about this town is that not every shop or restaurant takes credit cards so make sure to have enough cash on you for the trip.

The best part was when we ate our pastries outside and little flurries of snow started to come down. It was awesome because being Miami natives, we had never really seen snow before!

Last stop: Bocatería 

The last place we went to was a little bocatería near the Quesería. I wish I could tell you the name, but I honestly don’t remember it, haha. It’s on the same street at the cheese shop and we were able to try some delicious bocadillos there with jamón serrano y queso.

All the places we stopped at for food felt really cozy and the locals were so friendly and welcoming!

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure

And that’s a wrap for our trip to Morella! Getting up to the top of the mountain, reaching the castle, and overlooking the views of Spain was such a precious memory that I will treasure forever. And it’s one place on my list that I’ll definitely go back and visit someday.

Have you been to Spain? What’s your favorite place there?

The Village of Morella: A Hidden Spanish Treasure