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Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription that sends you 5 beauty products in a glam bag based on your preferences each month. The products range between deluxe-sized and full-sized and they come in a very cute makeup bag! I really love Ipsy* because it is a great way to expand your makeup collection for cheap. It is only $10 a month with free shipping and it allows you to explore new products and brands you probably would never try on your own.

I am obsessed with this subscription because I love the super cute makeup bags they send and I love getting to use new products every month. I am very excited to share with you what I received this month!

This month’s glam bag:

January 2017 Ipsy Bag

Sally’s Box (FULL SIZE)
Loverecipe AcaiBerry Mask & Loverecipe Aloe Mask – ($3 value)


Face Masks
I have dry skin so I was excited when I saw that I received 2 face masks in my Ipsy Glam Bag this month! These masks are extremely hydrating and moisturizing. I’ve only used a sheet mask once before so it was pretty new to me to use these types of masks. These masks were amazing. They left my skin feeling soft and smooth. It is perfect for dry or combination skin.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics
Paradise Blush – ($19 value)

Manna Kadar

This blush is beautiful! It applies very easy and it very pigmented. HOWEVER, this blush was SO hard to open. I don’t know if anyone else had this issue but I seriously struggled to open this product. I got it open by eventually using a knife to pry it open!

Anyway, the color is gorgeous but I believe it is a little too pink and bright for my skin tone. I try to use the very lightest amount. A little goes a long way but if you don’t use too much, it looks very beautiful.

Rimmel London (FULL SIZE)
Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss – ($5 value)


Rimmel London Kate Moss

I LOVE lip balms! This product was phenomenal. It left my lips so moisturized and hydrated. I have never seen lip balm packaged in a lipstick tube which was really cool and unique to see. It is not greasy and has SPF 15 in it. You can use it alone or you can use it as a base for other lipsticks. I have used it before applying matte liquid lipsticks and it helps them feel not so drying on your lips.

theBalm Cosmetics
Bahama Mama Bronzer, Shadow & Contour Powder – (~$2 value)

Bahama Mama Bronzer


This bronzer, shadow and contour powder was great. It is the perfect color for me and I find myself reaching for it over my ELF bronzer palette. I have very little experience with the brand The Balm. The only other product I’ve ever had is a blush sample from ipsy which I absolutely LOVED. I loved this product just as much and it is something I would definitely purchase again. I have only used this powder for contouring and so far, it is amazing. I did read some reviews of people complaining that the sample was too small to use for bronzer/contouring. I disagree. All you have to do is swirl your brush around to get a good amount of product evenly on the brush. I had no problems with the size.

Naked Cosmetics (FULL SIZE)
Mica Pigment in Desert Sunset #02 ($15 value)

Naked Cosmetics

This product was my absolute favorite thing I received in my ipsy bag this month. It is GORGEOUS. It is so pigmented and glittery. I’m so obsessed with it. You have to be careful with it because it can be messy and get everywhere. I open it carefully and just swirl my brush on the lid to get the pigment. I also sprayed my brush with my Urban Decay setting spray to help with a better application of the pigment and it works great. I do recommend using a primer before to make the most out of this beautiful eye shadow. This is the best ipsy item I have received thus far. I also read some reviews that it makes a good highlighter but I personally thought it was too glittery/intense for a highlighter.

Naked Cosmetics Swatch

I originally was worried about it being a loose pigment. I’ve never owned one before, but if you’re very careful you should have no problems. I highly recommend this shadow. I’d love to try the many other pigments that Naked Cosmetics offers as well.

All in all, this month’s glam bag was definitely great. The overall value of it was a whopping $44 and that does not even include the actual makeup bag itself. For $10, without a doubt you get more bang for your buck. January’s bag is one of my favorites I have received so far because of the Naked Cosmetics Pigment and theBalm Cosmetics Bronzer! I have been subscribed to ipsy since August and every single bag has had much more value than the $10 I paid. I definitely recommend ipsy, if you haven’t subscribed already.

If you’re already subscribed to Ipsy – what was your favorite product you received this month?