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Influenster Ivy VoxBox

Influenster is a community of social media influencers that review products and share their opinions with brands. Influenster sends out boxes of free products to its members for review. I love this website because it’s such an easy way to receive products to review for your blog, YouTube Channel or Instagram!

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This month I received Influenster’s College Student box which is the Ivy VoxBox. I received this box along with the products in it complimentary from Influenster and for testing purchases.

Here’s what I got in the Ivy Voxbox!

Influenster Ivy VoxBox

I’ve been sent Voxboxes before and this one is seriously on my list of favorites! It has everything you need for self-care and as a full-time college student, this is SO important. The items in this box are meant to help you pamper yourself and take care of your skin.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Minis

The first item in the box was the Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Minis! These were seriously amazing. I’ve had Trolli gummies before and they never disappoint. These are probably one of my favorite candies.

7th Heaven Foot Lotion

Next, is the 7th Heaven Foot Lotion. This product is a foot soak and foot lotion and it is meant to relax tired feet. Key ingredients you can find in this lotion are pink grapefruit, cucumber, and mint. The best way to use this product is to immediately apply it after a foot soak. I loved this product. It smells wonderful and seriously moisturize and sooth your feet.



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Chapstick Duos

Okay… I am super obsessed with lip balms and these ChapStick Duos were such game changers. I love that you can swap them out and snap on different flavored chapsticks! You are not always stuck with the same flavor and they snap on and off very easily. I thought they were very similar to EOS lip balms, but I liked these much more. I find that the flavors and scents are much better. Right now I am obsessing wth the Refreshing Watermelon one!

Each lip balm comes in the color of its cap. So for example, the purple Berry Sorbet Shimmer chapstick has actual purple chapstick inside! I thought this was so adorable. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to open a single one when it’s not snapped onto another one.

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor

I loved this razor. I actually already own and use this razor so I was very excited when I saw I was receiving another one in the Ivy Voxbox (for free!) This razor is unlike any I’ve ever used before because of the “swirl.” It has 5 contour blades that adjust to every curve of your body. The swirl makes the razor much more flexible. It smoothly glides over hard-to-shave areas like your knees.

The handle has a great grip to it and it has a water-activated Moisture Glide serum. This helps is glide even easier. I honestly am a huge fan of Gillette’s Venus razors!

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap

Last but definitely not least is the African Black Soap from Nubian Heritage. This was hands-down my favorite product in the ENTIRE box and I am not exaggerating. I’ve never heard of the brand Nubian Heritage before the Ivy Voxbox but I am so glad Influenster introduced me to them. This soap is a facial cleansing bar that is anti-acne and clarifying.

I loved this product so much because it smells so good. It smells like shea butter and oats! The soap is not drying at all and I’ve been using it on my face daily along with my Clarisonic Mia. I have seen a big difference in my skin with this soap and I love that it is all natural and homeopathic. It is based on traditional African recipes for soap which is so unique to see in a product. This was my number one for the box and Influenster outdid themselves by sending this! I would give it a 10 and I highly recommend trying this product out.

The Verdict

All in all, I loved this box! There was not a single thing in this box that I hated. Everything was definitely a win and I’m glad I got to try out new products and learn about new brands. Thank you Influenster!

*I received the products mentioned in this post complimentary to test and/or review by Influenster*

Influenster Ivy Voxbox