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Sometimes we just feel so overwhelmed by blogging and #allthethings you need to learn that go into having a successful blog and business. SEO? Analytics? Email marketing?!

It’s easy to go into a frenzy and get completely stressed out about it. As bloggers, there is a lot that goes into running your website. And the best part of having a blog is the crazy amount of new skills you gain and the new concepts you’re always learning.

I am ALWAYS learning something new or researching something. And I personally feel like the Genius Bloggers Toolkit has definitely helped me get more things done in my business since I first purchased it last year.

If you’ve been hearing about it lately and want to know the complete low down GBTK, let’s dive in and see:

What is the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2019?

The Genius Blogger Toolkit 2019 is a bundle of blogging resources that Ultimate Bundles puts out every year. The bundle is a curated collection where the Ultimate Bundles team hand selects all the products that go into it.

In the toolkit, there are TONS of resources for each blogging category you can think of.

But the best part? THE PRICE.

Okay, this is something that really caught my eye when I first heard about the Genius Bloggers Toolkit. For the number of things you get in the bundle, the price is insane.

We’re talking like 98% off! The deal is undeniably amazing for what it’s worth.

When is the Genius Bloggers Toolkit available?

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is available for a few days each year in October.

This year, the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2019 will be available from Wednesday, October 2nd @ 8 am ET through Monday, October 7th @ 11:59 pm.

What was in the toolkit this year?

Now that you know when & the price, let’s talk about what’s actually included in the bundle!

94 products valued at $7,395.27

  • 26 eBooks
  • 7 Printables & Workbooks
  • 55 eCourses & Videos
  • 5 Stock Photo Packs & Templates
  • 1 Membership Site

Getting Started

Affiliate Marketing Resources

Beyond Blogging


Building Your Blog

Content Creation & Promotion Resources

Creating & Selling Products


Email Marketing

Facebook & Twitter

Finance & Legal




Podcast & Vlogging

Productivity & Organization

SEO & Traffic

Tech & Support

Tips for getting through the toolkit

Phew! That is A LOT of content to work through, right?!

So I thought I’d share some tips for getting through so many products. First, let me be honest. More than likely, you will not get through everything. That’s just how it goes – myself included!

It’s a lot to digest and if you’re a side-hustler, you might not have enough time to get through the entire toolkit.

1. Pick a handful of resources you find most valuable.

Browse through what the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2019 has to offer and pick out a handful of resources you know you really want to get your hands on and that you would benefit from. Does their value justify the price of the bundle? Do you know you can make time for these resources? If you feel that just those few resources alone are worth it – then definitely go for it!

When you purchase the toolkit, focus on getting through those first.

2. Create a spreadsheet

The best thing you can do is create a spreadsheet on Google Docs or excel where you can keep access to ALL of your resources. Trust me, it pays to be organized and you can check things off as you go. The GBTK does have a timeframe in which you have to download all the content to your computer (you get to keep the bundle forever, but it has to be downloaded!)

And the last thing you want is later on purchasing a blogging course only to find out that you already had it in your toolkit. This almost happened to me. Ouch.

3. Don’t stress!

Do not try to go crazy killing yourself to finish everything. Like I told you, you have access to the bundle resources forever. So don’t stress yourself out over trying to get everything done.

Every year when I purchase the toolkit, I set aside 1-2 hours each week solely to go through my educational resources. I block off the time in my calendar and I actually look forward to it!

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