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Everything You Need To Know About BoardBooster's New Tribes

UPDATE: As of June 28, 2018, BoardBooster has shut down their Pinterest scheduling platform.

BoardBooster recently launched tribes! I’m super excited for this new add on because I’ve seriously been wanting them to come out with a feature similar to Tailwind‘s Tribes since I first joined not too long ago. BoardBooster itself has done wonders for my traffic and following on Pinterest already so I can’t wait to see how BoardBooster tribes will be working out for my blog! This new Pinterest collaboration tool should seriously boost your blog and bring amazing results and I’ll definitely be putting them to the test over the next few weeks. I’ve already heard many awesome things about the tribes over the few days!

Click the link to sign up for BoardBooster and snag your first month free!

I’ve been playing around with them (even creating my own!) since I discovered them and I’m breaking it down with everything you need to know about BoardBooster tribes.

So let’s dive into it!

What are BoardBooster tribes?

First of all, for those of you who don’t know — let’s start off with what BoardBooster is. As a blogger, you know that Pinterest is one of the most effective ways to bring in traffic to your blog. BoardBooster is basically a really awesome automation tool that makes pinning so much easier and way more effective in bringing in pageviews. Schedule tons of pins ahead of time and BoardBooster will pin them for you throughout the day and even throughout the week. Just set it up, sit back and let it run and then just reap the benefits.

Now what are these new BoardBooster tribes they added to the scheduling program?

BoardBooster tribes allow you to create your very own public or private groups of people who pin each other’s pins — kind of like a group board but much better. It’s an automated tool that pins to your selected boards from the tribe. Everyone in the tribe pins their own content and then everyone pins each other’s stuff to their own boards from the pool of pins inside the tribe. This helps grow your traffic from Pinterest and get more eyes on your pins (yay!)

I decided to create my very own and here’s how it looks once you get inside:

Boardbooster tribes

Psst… If you want to join my tribe, follow me on Pinterest and either send me a message about the tribe you want to join or email me!

So how are they different from Tailwind Tribes?

Now, now. I know they both have tribes… but Boardbooster and Tailwind Tribes are very different. On Tailwind, you can upload as many pins as you want (as long as you’re sharing as many as you add in some tribes.) In BoardBooster tribes, this is not the case. Each individual has a set number of pins that they can upload to the tribe. For example, on the tribe I just created — it’s 20 tall pins. As of right now, you do need to have a membership with BoardBooster to use their tribes (unlike Tailwind.)

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On BoardBooster tribes, you have a few different options to pick from when creating a tribe.

  • Only accept rich pins into the tribe
  • Only add pins that are approved by the majority of the members through online voting
  • New tribe members can either join automatically or be activated by online voting by other tribe members
Here’s how I set up one of my tribes:

BoardBooster Tribes

Just configure the way you want to set up your tribe and then it’ll ask you to set some ground rules for the group.

A few examples of rules would be:

1. This tribe is strictly for sharing blogging tips and tricks.

2. No affiliate pins or 3rd party pins. Only pins that link to your own blog posts are allowed.

3. Descriptions must be in PG-13 English, free of hashtags, emojis, or excessive uppercase.

After that, BoardBooster will ask you to invite a couple of people to the tribe and then it’ll be activated. Then you’re good to go!

BoardBooster Tribes

Now, if you don’t want to create a tribe you don’t have to. You can click on the list of tribes already existing by clicking “Join Tribe.” Then you will see a list of tribes where you can request to join one. BoardBooster will show you the rules and you’ll have to accept them. Then you’ll either be automatically accepted or will need to wait for the tribe members to vote to allow you in (depending on the settings they’ve set up.)

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Once you’re in and start setting up your pins, BoardBooster will literally take care of the rest!

BoardBooster now has tribes! How awesome is that?! Click To Tweet
Here are the two tribes I created if you’re interested in joining:

1. Blogger Babes

2. Social Media Tips & Tricks

Just shoot me an email or a message on Pinterest with your Pinterest URL and I’d love to have you on board!

Happy pinning!

I can’t wait to be sharing more updates on how this is working out for my blog and my traffic in the future.

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So what do you think of BoardBooster tribes?

Everything You Need To Know About The New BoardBooster Tribes