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August 2017 Income and Traffic Report

It’s no secret that I’m still the new kid on the block when it comes to the world of blogging. I started Simply Amanda just 7 months ago. When I first started, I had no clue you could make money blogging. I knew about the major influencers on YouTube, but blogging? That was a whole other ball game for me. I was completely unaware that full-time blogging was even a thing!

After much research, I knew I wanted to monetize my site and get the amazing opportunity to work with brands I know and love.

I’m obsessed with reading blog income reports and they are honestly so inspiring. My favorites are from ItsCarmen, Believe In A Budget, and the famous Making Sense of Cents. The ones I read always had a huge income and I’d love to reach that someday (even half is good with me!) but I hardly ever seen income or traffic reports for tiny blogs like mine. Sometimes I see blogs that make small amounts of money but they are always “in my first month of blogging” or “in my first week blogging.” To me, that’s pretty crazy and I never expected anything like that to happen to me. I always read these reports and thought to myself, “how?!” but they still inspired me to push forward and keep doing what I love even though some reports did sound a little unrealistic at times.

Simply Amanda isn’t my sole income source right now, but I hope it’s in the cards for me eventually. Being my own boss is my dream and I’m hoping my blog can make that happen for me in the future. I would love to expand my blog, build it into a full-time online business, and become financially independent. I’m still learning something new every single day so I decided to include both income and blog traffic in these reports to monitor my growth.

Now… With further ado, let’s dive into the numbers:


August 207 Income and Traffic Report

August has been my best month so far in terms of traffic. In July, I received 1,852 pageviews and in August I was able to increase that to 2,192 pageviews. Might not sound like much, but it’s a huge achievement for me!

My biggest referrer is Pinterest. 53% of my traffic came from there in August with Facebook in second place. I had a spike of traffic in the beginning of the month and the rest has been pretty steady.

Simply Amanda ended the month with just 9 new email subscribers which is something I would like to work harder on in September.

The most popular posts this month:

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Social Native: $45 + products

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Collective Bias Sponsored Posts: $240

Google AdSense: $0 (Google Adsense has a $100 threshold you have to reach before you’re paid out. I did inch more towards the $100 but will count this income when it is actually paid.)

Total: $285



Product Purchases: $20

WordPress Theme: $69

Giveaway: $15

Siteground: $0 (this is prepaid annually)

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Total: $104


Net Profit: $181

September Goals

Yup, just $181. That might not be much for some people, but this is awesome for me because it’s an increase from what I earned in July ($60.) And I earned this after having my blog up for 7 months so it did take me a while to see any type of income, I’m not gonna lie.

I did purchase a WordPress theme to redo the entire look of my blog but this was a one time purchase so I should see more earnings next month hopefully. I’m seeing slow but steady improvement in both my earnings and my traffic. My goal for September is to work on diversifying my income a little bit more with affiliate income. I have not had much luck with this so I will be focusing on learning how to use affiliate links more effectively.

I also plan to enroll in more ecourses to expand my knowledge and focus on increasing my engagement on Instagram (that algorithm has everyone crazy.) Increasing my monthly views on Pinterest is another goal I’d like to accomplish too. I just signed up for an account with BoardBooster so I’ll be writing about my experience with it next month! I don’t see my blog increasing in income a ton because I’ve been very busy with starting a new semester of college and dealing with the upcoming Hurricane Irma, but I do hope to see some kind of improvement.

I’m definitely glad I started my blog because it’s been an amazing way to express myself and improve my writing skills. I can’t wait to see where my blog goes in the future!

What are your blogging goals for September?

August 207 Income and Traffic Report