Hey there!

I’m Amanda — boss babe, daydreamer, Gilmore girl wannabe, and your new digital BFF. I’m the girl behind the blog that’s rooting for you every step on the way on your journey to entrepreneurship. I’m a huge believer in living life on your own terms and creating a lifestyle you love.

I’ve always been obsessed with the thought of being an entrepreneur but never really found something I was good at and loved to do. After bouncing around from dreaded dead-end jobs, I found my true passion in blogging. Blogging started off as a fun hobby and then quickly grew into a money-making side hustle when I realized full-time blogging was a real thing.

Suddenly, I craved more.

The thing is I never knew about this other whole world of online business so when I accidentally fell into it, I ended up finding my calling. Now I’m on a mission to help lady bloggers do the same thing and become that successful boss babe they’ve always dreamed of.

It’s my goal to help women build an impactful online presence and build a life they don’t need a vacation from through the freedom of blogging and digital entrepreneurship.

Step away from the 9-5 grind.

Stop building someone else’s dream.

Start creating a business that sets your soul on fire.

You might be wondering but how? And this is where your story begins.

Maybe you’re:

  • looking to break into the blogging world but have literally no clue how to get started
  • pouring your heart out and have been in the blogosphere for a while but haven’t made a cent.
  • wanting to build a service-based biz that’ll help you break the 9-5 cycle and live a location independent lifestyle.

You’re ready to go from hobby blogger to business owner without going absolutely crazy. You’re ready to find your “why” and fall madly in love with your purpose in life. No worries, girl.


It’s time to build a wildly successful, profitable blog

Let’s get to work.


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