Simply Amanda is a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping millennial women find their passion and build the online biz of their dreams. Empowering women to do more with their lives and own their passions. Here you will find a mixture of everything from blogging resources, photography + social media tips, personal development tips, and the little things that inspire me everyday.

On Simply Amanda, you’ll also be able to follow along while I chase my dreams in this crazy little blogging journey I’m on. I am still learning new things every. single. day. and my goal is to help and inspire young women to find + pursue their passions, live fearlessly and express themselves through blogging.


Welcome to the tiny little space on the internet I get to call my own!

My name is Amanda and I’m the blogger & content creator behind Simply Amanda. I’m a full-time college senior from the beautiful and sunny South Florida. I created Simply Amanda because I felt stuck between what I wanted to do with my life + following what everyone else told me I should do. But here, we’re breaking free from that.

I’m passionate about helping boss babes everywhere pursue their dreams through blogging + online biz so that they can become the creative entrepreneurs they’ve always dreamed of.

On their own terms.


Sound like you? Then welcome to the girl boss fam.

Do some soul searching and have the power to take control of your life + discover your true potential, babe. Achieve the creative and financial freedom you’ve always wanted and don’t be afraid to¬†dream big. And you’re not alone. Let’s do it together.

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