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6 iPhone Apps That Can Earn You Cash

Everyone has a smartphone these days, but did you know you could earn cash by using them?

YES. Real cash you can SPEND.

I was honestly so shocked when I found out that there are apps out there that will actually pay you for using them! I’m always looking for ways to supplement my income or help me save money. I’ve personally started using these types of apps to earn more money for things I like… Like makeup or other expenses I may have!

As a blogger, I love sharing product reviews for my readers but can’t always afford to be constantly buying the newest and most high-end products out there. I love using these apps because they give me side cash that I can use to save up and purchase beauty products for myself. Plus, I can end up using them to review for my blog.

I use these apps along with Influenster to get products either to review or take photos of for my Instagram, etc. You can also use these apps to help you pay for basic things in your life like some groceries, gas, or any other essentials you may need. And it doesn’t take that much work to earn money — you can earn money by doing things you already do!

And it doesn’t take that much work to earn money — you can earn money by doing things you already do!


This is my absolute favorite way to earn side money. Ebates is a free cash-back website that allows you to earn a percentage of cash back from over 2,000 stores. The way it works is that these stores that work with Ebates actually pay Ebates a commission for sending you their way. Then Ebates turns around and shares the commission with you in the form of Cash Back.

Aside from getting cash back, you can also access tons of promo codes and exclusive deals for different stores as well. All you have to do is make your online purchases through the Ebates app to get credit for them. You can also get Cash Back in-store or with the Ebates Cash Back credit card.

Not all stores offer cash back with Ebates so my favorite way to know which stores do offer it is by installing the Ebates Cash Back button Chrome Extension! This makes it super easy to earn money. This is because whenever you open a website that offers cash back, the button will notify you. When it pops up, it will ask you if you want to activate cash back.

Ebates Cash Back

It’s that simple and you earn money back on things you were going to buy anyway. So far I’ve earned $29.79 in Cash Back!

Ebates Cash Back


The best part?

Every quarter, Ebates will mail you a Big Fat Check or PayPal payment for your earnings. So you can turn around and get gift cards with your cash back for your favorite stores like Sephora and Ulta 😉

Feature Points

Feature Points

Next up is Feature Points! Feature Points is a website that allows you to earn points and get rewards for out trying free apps on your phone. The website will show you different free apps you can download to your phone. It will also list how many points you get for each one. The app also lets you know how long you have to use it for. For example, it might say to use the app for 1-2 minutes.

You can then redeem your points for gift cards, paid apps, or just plain ol’ money paid out through Paypal. Some gift cards you can get with Feature Points are Starbucks, iTunes, Target, and Amazon. You can use my referral link to earn 50 bonus points when you sign up!

I’ve earned over $60 from Feature Points along with some paid apps like Afterlight and A Beautiful Mess!

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The next apps are perfect for getting cash back on your groceries and errands! Ibotta is an app that helps you find rebates on products you would already normally buy in the store. Buy the products you selected at any participating store. Then, take a photo of your receipt.  Ibotta will deposit the cash you earned into your account with 48 hours!

You can also earn cash through Mobile In-App purchases, very much like Ebates above! You can purchase products through the app and get a percentage back as well. Because I have both Ebates and Ibotta, I’m always looking to maximize my cash back. Before buying something online, I determine which app to use. I decide that based on which one is offering a higher percentage for that store!

I love using Ibotta to make purchases on Groupon! I’ve earned $34.82 since joining Ibotta.

Ibotta Rebate Cash Back App

Checkout 51

Checkout51 Cash Back App

Checkout 51 is another great cash back app! It is very similar to Ibotta. This is because you also earn cash from products that you buy, by taking a photo of your receipt and submitting it to them through the app. Checkout 51 then credits you what you earn from your grocery trip.

Sometimes, Ibotta doesn’t have all the stores you shop at. It has the popular stores, however, if you shop something at a local store you can’t always get credit for it. The great thing about Checkout 51 is that sometimes it offers rebates that are not attached to any specific retailer!

You can earn credit for things like a dozen eggs or a bag of bread. These products will not have a specific store listed for them. So it doesn’t matter where you bought it, you still get credit for it!

I haven’t been using Checkout 51 very long, but I’ve earned $2.25 so far.

Find & Save

The Find & Save app helps you browse for sales in your area and get coupons at the same time as earning cash back. This app has weekly ads that you can browse through and it works the same way as Checkout 51 and Ibotta.

The difference with Find & Save is that you don’t need to shop for specific items, you just need to spend a certain amount in specific stores. This is great because if you can’t find a rebate in the other apps for stores or products you bought, you can always check in Find & Save and still get some kind of credit for the shopping you did!

Some examples of cash back they have going on right now are:

  • Spend a minimum of $3 at McDonald’s and get 2% Cash Back
  • Spend a minimum of $50 at Sephora and get 1% Cash Back
  • Spend a minimum of $10 at Walgreen’s and get 1% Cash Back

I just recently started using the app and I’ve earned $0.84 cents since using Find & Save.

Find & Save Cash Back App


Shopkick Cash Back App

Last but not least is Shopkick! For Shopkick, you earn “kicks” for a few things. You can earn them for visiting participating stores, scanning items on their shelves, submitting your receipts and for credit card purchases. These “kicks” are like points. You can unlock badges and you can even earn more kicks by inviting your friends.

You can redeem your kicks for gift cards from places like Sephora, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and more!

I just downloaded Shopkick very recently so I haven’t earned any cash back yet. However, I’ve heard many good things about it. I can’t wait to get gift cards from it very soon!



Total Cash Back

If you add up everything I’ve earned from these 6 Cash Back apps it adds up to a grand total of:


Not too bad for doing and buying things I was already going to buy! And this is not including paid apps I’ve gotten through Feature Points either. I highly recommend trying out these apps because it can make a big difference. I’m still in college and currently still living at home. I don’t have a lot of expenses since I don’t have children or anything like that.

But if you’re a busy mom and spending a lot of money on groceries, gas, etc. You can make even more with these apps. It can make a big difference in your finances and can help with reducing your expenses.

I believe these apps are so worth it and are super easy to use!

Have you ever used any of these apps? Which is your favorite?